Quotes Life is for the living.. so live it! Quotes
Chaplain Shane Simar

Quotes What is life all about? One day you wake up happy, and the next you down in the dumps... Well that's how I feel most of the time. A saying goes, When a door closes somewhere a window opens. Well I have never felt that, Doors are always closing on me and just once I would like it if a window would open... I have been having a problem for the last 4 months and just recently am able to know what I wanted wasn't really what I needed. I now know that I need to surround myself with the correct type of people. I have been recently ordained as a minster of all faith's and how can I do GODLY duties if I am doing wrong things at home... I always knew GOD or the SUPREME BEING put me here on this realm for something big and by gosh now is the time to do what I was put here for... Reverend Barbara R. Bickel Blessed Be Quotes

Quotes I have seen the amazing difference that living the life of a spiritualist can offer. Belief in others needs coming first, healing, and finding peace from within from the God. I affirm my faith and beliefs daily, And always come in Peace and Light. I have been blessed with so much and only lack in that i don't have enough hours in the day to spend with those I love. Seeking Divinity within ourselves is the only cause for human form. In my good life in tune with my spirit, and have received the greatest gift; friends, family and a part of life here on the earth plane. I am blessed with love, beauty, wonder of life, and humanity all around me. I offer only the light and energy from God to use my gift to help those in need, and receive their love as payment. May all Be Blessed! Quotes
Chaplin Shane Simar
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