Benefits of Angel Guidance

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on March 16, 2012 at 2:30 PM

by Michael Angelos in Spirituality

The term "angel" comes from the ancient greek word angelos which means "messenger". Angels are literally the messengers of our creator. They are the messengers that remind us of the message of unconditional love.

Angels partner with us on a soul level along with the Universe, to support us in increasing our vision. They encourage us and remind us of the truth, beauty, and ultimate goodness inside everything. When we require our angels to support us with even the most typical tasks, we're able to feel confident that all is unfolding as outlined by a greater will. As a result of this act of guidance, we let go of our notions of isolation and separateness. All of us recognise that we are never alone; that you have support and help whenever we require it. Take a second to sense gratitude for this realization.

Angels are in existence to help us in raising our consciousness, be a little more unconditionally caring and discover our interconnection. Any time you actually contact the angelic realm, you'll observe tenderness, love, and miracles. Speaking with the angels happens to be an entirely normal practice, though it is becoming hidden by our collective belief that the faith based world isn't real.

Angels are unquestionably wise, conscious creatures who exist in a finer dimension of reality. This means that we can't see them with our five senses, nevertheless they can respond to us. Our realms interpenetrate the other, with their world enfolding ours.

All of us require the angels' help more than ever before. Their unique close presence is incredibly uplifting; because merely realizing that they are around us can help us get through a dark situation. The angels are unquestionably around us whether or not we believe in them or not, but ordinarily don't get involved except in cases where we ask them for assistance. The Universe works on a need-to-know basis; if we ask, we're also answered. Whenever we connect with the spiritual realm we boost our capacity for faith based growth as well as transformation and we take one step closer to our fate.

Anyone and everyone is able to get in touch with angels. After you have perfected the process, you can actually instruct others to do it! Whenever you approach this process with sincere truthfulness, there will come a time when you'll make strong, joyful contact with your own personal guardian angels.

There are many different divination resources that can be used to get in contact with your spiritual helpers, such as the tarot, angel oracle cards, the runes, and also the I Ching. In time you'll find your favorite approach to open yourself up to the intelligence of the spiritual realm and make use of your personal intuitive knowing.

As soon as you form a relationship with your angelic helpers, totally new possibilities will unfold. You will create an alliance with your angels for the purpose of individual and universal awareness. You'll discover ways to improve your rapport with them in order to achieve your objectives. The angels definitely will enter your life and offer up healing.

As you develop a connection with your angels, you are likely to begin to see them as loving friends. These friendships grow in different ways, however it is vital that you have gratitude as well as excitement throughout the process.

Whenever you work with angels, it can be helpful to purchase a diary or note pad and devote more time to documenting your thoughts and intuitive insights. As you eliminate judgments and share any frustration, it'll grow to be easier for you to receive the reality of angels.

There are thousands of ways to correspond with the angelic kingdom, and their support is not limited to any one belief system. Connecting with them is the next step in this spiritual evolution, and will eventually become simple and natural. Everybody can get in touch with them if they have a desire to, and when you ask your angels, you can be certain that you will be given solutions.

Angels are a very genuine part of your own spiritual journey. Even if you can't see them by using your physical vision, they are there. Angels have been with us throughout history, in every time and culture. Angels are available to everyone, all the time.

Making contact with the spiritual world is a process, not a destination. As you develop and expand, the lines of communication will certainly grow wider and your confidence will increase.

About the Author Michael is a psychic who concentrates on intuitive consultations/readings from the spirit world. For a totally free reading, visit angel cards online or check out this helpful reference on Squidoo: Angel Card Readings.

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