Viewing Living Auras

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on February 10, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Last article  we cocerred seeing the auras of basic colors. Now we are going to move into plants, animals, and human auras. When you observed the aura of colors, you saw the basic aura, but with living objects, you will see the color aura like before and then you should see the life energy aura.



Plants have a living aura and is great to practice with. Get yourself a green healthy plant and place it in a lit area with not too much background color or light. Try to keep the background simple and natural. If you have a copy of our Aura Viewing Recording, play it to tap into the frequencies which will open your brain up for viewing. You can get your copy here

Now start by focusing at a leaf of the plant, then slowly shift your line of sight past the leaf to either side. Maintain visual contact with the leaf through the corner of your eye, and blink naturally as you need to. Assuming the leaf is green, you should start noticing a thin band forming around the perimeter of the leaf. As you continue to focus and watch, this energy band should start changing to an orange hue. The orange is from the green nature of the leaf. As you go deeper in your aura viewing, you should start to notice a more energetic aura from the plant than the basic colors we worked with last time. The aura should glimmer and have a more profound energy field around it. This is the life force in the plant shining through.



This same technique can be used with your pet.  Watch your dog or cat while it is resting or sleeping. Use your recording to speed the process up, and observe your animals living aura. Remember, there are two phases. The color aura will appear first just as it did in the beginning steps. But with living animals, humans, and plants, you should be able to tune in to a much more fascinating energy field. All living auras are a little different but share the same general makeup. Some will radiate as others will be dim. Some will shine and sparkle as some will seem cloudy.



Find a good setting inside or out. This can be done in both artificial lighting or under sunlight. Personally I prefer sunlight as it is the epitome of nature, but indoor lighting should work also. Position one of your arms or legs so it is within your line of sight and look past it as you done before. You should notice your own aura. Finally, you can move on to a human subject.


Things to remember-

If you look at a persons aura while they are outside near grass, they will have an orange hue being cast by the green grass. The visible aura will expand as you watch and tune into it. You may see several inches or even a few feet of their energy aura, but it will start as a thin band surrounding the body. Stimulate your subject- If your viewing a person, try to get them in a happy mood. Let them listen to their favorite music with headphones as you watch them. Or you can let them read an interesting book or article that will captivate them. A persons mood and feelings affect their aura. When your subject is happy, the aura is bigger, brighter, and stronger.


Basic Aura Colors-

Blue= Yellow Aura

Red= Green Aura

Yellow= Pale blue Aura

Orange= Pale Green Aura

Violet= Pale Gold Aura

Indigo= Gold Aura


Everyone can see auras with practice. Don't be disappointed if you fail because it is a skill that needs to be built. When you see an aura, you are stimulating your own forehead Chakra (third eye). Our Aura Viewing Recording does have frequencies that stimulates the forehead Chakra, but we also have recordings directly centered for Chakra stimulation. This works in great conjunction with our Aura Viewing recording. The Chakra selections will blow your mind.  Here's the link. .


Jim McElwee

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