Lucid Dreaming Step 1

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on February 10, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Let's talk about Lucid Dreaming. This subject is easier to master than the previous ones, and should be much quicker to see results.

So hold on to your hats, and let's get down to business.  Lucid Dreaming is to realize you are dreaming and learn to control your dreams. This one is easy to figure out, but like anything else, it takes a degree of discipline. If you have been reading our newsletters, but haven't taken action, this is the subject you may want to start with. Before we talk tactics, let me introduce our Lucid Dreaming Recording. This recording can and will make the process easier and quicker. I recommend picking up a copy of it as you practice. here's the page to do so.


The Lucid Trick


To trigger a lucid dream, you need to realize you are dreaming as I stated before. The easiest way to realize you are in a dream is by noticing something is out of place or doesn't look right. Have You ever had a dream that you were in your home, but it didn't look like your home? Have you ever dreamed of a relative, but that person looked different in your dream? I bet the answer is YES!  When you dream, reality doesn't look the same as the physical world.  That's the baseline of the strategy to Lucid Dream on your demand.


How To Realize Your Dreaming


Simply Stated, Repeated Actions.  You already know that dreams alter the way things appear, so what you want to do is  look at something in a repeating fashion. Lets take an example of a clock. Everyday when you wake up, look at a digital clock. Notice theshape, notice the numbers, and notice the lights.  When you get in your car, look at the car's digital clock. notice the similarities between that clock and your bedroom clock. When you get to work, keep looking at the clock often. Close your eyes and picture different digital clocks. Get in the habit of picturing and looking at clocks often.


Keep repeating this clock obsession, and soon you will see a clock in your dreams. But when you see this clock in your dreams, it will not look like the standard clocks you trained your brain to focus on. It will be weird.. You will be looking at this clock confused, than all of the sudden, it will hit you... I AM DREAMING!!!

This works because most times dreams do not portray reality as is. You do not need to use the clock example, almost anything that you see daily will work. Some people constantly look at their hands, and during a dream they will look at their hands, and realize they are dreaming because their hands look weird. You can even go as far as pinching yourself often, and during your dream, you will pinch yourself and the feeling will be different. It doesn't matter what you choose to focus on, if you repeat the process multiple timesdaily, you will eventually dream you are doing it. That's when you will make a connection that your are not in a state of reality, and you must be dreaming.




Step 1, as described above, can be completed in a mere few days. There is not much brain practice involved, but it get a little harder from here. Once you realize you are dreaming, if you do not know what to do next, you will most likely lose control and slip back into a dream state. Our next letter is going to discuss how to progress from realizing your dreaming to starting to control your dreams. Remember, our Lucid Dreaming Recording is very powerful and will assist in keeping an attentive dreaming state. More information here .


Talk to you in a few days with the follow-up on Lucid Dreaming


Jim McElwee

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