Universal religion alone can bind the world

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on January 14, 2012 at 1:35 PM


The world has seen many social systems which could not bind it together .The religions performed in different regions or countries by and large , even today unite the people. Be it Jews , Muslims ,Christians or Hindus. All of them even though do not perceive their faith truly as bestowed to them by their prophets yet this is common binder socially and culturally .Let us analyze, if religion can bind us globally

 Word of God

All religions preach oneness of God. This one God concept has been distorted by dilution of the original versions of the religious books. The VEDS perceived as the divine book of Hindus do preach one God and now all imminent scholars of Hinduism believe that multiple god are the creators of human and not God. As Vedas are the oldest religious books their distortion and inclusion of idol worship has been an intentional or unintended inclusion to drive worldly pleasures by few who misinterpreted the original manuscripts. The lectures of Dr Zakir Nayak do prove it by citing exact reference and many imminent Vedic scholars do recognize it and a new sec of Aryan semaj has been openly worshipers of one God and not the idols of many objects or persons.

 The change and realization of truth to recognize God as one may help to bind this community with the rest of the religions. Thus bringing a cohesive binding of a billion people with the rest 6 billion on earth .The Buddha has been the preacher of one God and thus its concepts are very close to the universal truth of one God concept. The Torah and bible original versions do even today signify one God who has not been born and is devoid of any paternal or maternal identy .He a power and highest energy which created this world and controls all acts on this universe.. Is Islam one which can bind world? Yes, the reason is all the religious books do recognize the coming of a prophet who is named as Mohamed and who shall bring the book from God. This book has protection from distortion by God and it came true .From last1400 years all attempts to dilute it have failed as it is remembered by heart by millions of people and thus its distortion is just not possible. The preaching reaffirms the faith of humanity. It promises equal rights to all humans without any discrimination of sex, color, regions or riches. It recognizes the worth of a human being and promised an banking, economic and social system which promises food, shelter and employment to al word subjects by equal distribution of wealth among the people without the huge interests.

 The Islamic banking is more progressive and its debt system is more human and progressive .The legal and crime punishment is holistic and property rights to women are some the feature which distinguish Islam as a modern binding force in this word. Unfortunately, the behavior of some misconceived worshipers of any religion should not be taken as the representative of their religion. The colonial rule is not the dictates of CHIRSTAINITY, but a few politicians who use their faith to exploit world resources. The divide and rule and separating religion from state make the whole governance as nepotism and we see more conflicts than peace. Let us have a common forum to study all religions and perceive one the most universal and common which can bind us together.

 This is time to bind global residents and evolve a new world order before we find this universe has many more communities on other planets that may be more powerful than us. Thus bringing cohesiveness and brotherhood is the need of the hour rather than dividing world in piece which brings a reversal of human development and devastation to both the powerful and the poor. We have seen examples of Vietnam, Afganistan ,Iraq, cuba and many more even in last decades. The colonial British rule ,Niaziasm, Khelafet and many more the USSR are the example of highhanded politics. Should we replace them with true values as dictated in God books we may reform this word and may have a competition less word of peace and brotherhood.


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