Dream Analysis -- The Color of Your Dreams

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on January 14, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Dream analysis is such a difficult subject to define. It is part science- relating to brain activity, hemispheres, brainwaves, REM etc and also part psychology- delving into the conscious and unconscious mind, thoughts, emotions. An artistic puzzle of symbolism and semiotics, and a spiritual journey where some may argue that the sub-conscious, or inner psychic, or even the spirit world give us insight into our lives and our future.

Dreaming is a gift that we are all blessed with almost each night, whether we are aware of it or not. Some people do not remember their dreams at all, where some go to the extremes of recording and analyzing each dream they have.

No matter what a person believes a dream to be simply an occurrence within the brain as we sleep, to a full-on spiritual adventure, we can all learn from our dreams. It is the time where our sub-conscious is allowed to come alive and subtly scream in black and white, vivid colour, and perhaps even another language all of the things it is trying to process for us from our waking experiences.

The art of dream analysis is much like the analysis skills one learns from an art degree at university. Each colour, each word, each place, each person, each picture all have a hidden and deeper meaning that needs to be analyzed, processed, compared and reflected upon before being complied to create meaning. A dream is simply a massive collection of signs, symbols and semiotics-a puzzle of thoughts and emotions that rise from our sub-conscious in our sleep and presents itself as an abstract and often complex and complicated little movie behind our closed eyes.

Dream analysis is not however an exact science. Two separate people may have very similar dreams, yet due to their circumstances, personalities, and thought processes, they may represent two very different things. To analyze dreams is also to analyze a person and their current situation. Though educated assumptions and generalizations may be made about the messages and symbols in a person's dream, a true understanding of another person's dream involves the gathering of many intimate and personal details about their lives.

There are some who believe that the time we spend in a dream state may be the time where our mind is a portal for messages from the spirit world, anything from deceased loved ones to guardian angels. There are also many people who experience psychic dreams, where they are told or shown future events or information about themselves or other people, which later they are amazed to find out how it comes to be real

Perhaps when we sleep we are open to the psychic abilities we may possess; the tiny voice in our heads or that ‘gut feeling' that we ignore throughout the noise and commotion of our busy days is finally allowed time during our sleep to give us the messages we either do not hear or see, or perhaps choose to ignore.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, dreaming is an experience that comes from deep within us and always means something more than the surface presents. Perhaps it is a mixture of all of the above mentioned things; a psychically spiritual psychological experience; and yet perhaps it is none of these things and something we do not yet fully understand or comprehend.

Like the dreams themselves, the analysis of a dream is very personal and depends on the individuals' beliefs, thought processes and past and present situations. On any level, and under any type of analysis, on any single dreamer and on any single and seemingly meaningless dream, there is some kind of message to be discovered. It is up to the individual with guidance from reputable and knowledgeable sources to determine what dreams and dreaming means to them.

However realistic, joyful, enlightening, scary, frightful, empowering, breathtakingly emotional dreams maybe, if you were to ask me, it's simply magical, filled with wonder, just like a nighttime's spiritual sky


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