Understanding Empathy -- Is It Your Calling?

Posted by Chaplin Shane Simar on January 14, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Possessing empathic, psychic or spiritual abilities is not glamorous though is fulfilling. The power of "empathy" can often be a draining and harrowing experience for those people who possess it if they are unaware of how to psychically protect themselves from negative energy which also is readily available in our modern busy lives

Empaths have the ability not only to sense the moods and feelings of others, but more often than not, they will feel them in unison, both physically and emotionally. Empaths not only find that they quite easily pick up and adapt to the emotions of others, but to add to the often draining nature of empathy, people, including total strangers, are drawn to the empathic souls and find themselves divulging all of their innermost feelings and confessing their deepest secrets.

Those who possess empathy may get to a point where they find it difficult to distinguish between their own emotional state and the feelings of others, and become mentally exhausted from simple experiences such as a trip to a mall or a business meeting where there are many mixed and often tense emotions. Empaths may find that after they recognized their ability, they will begin to avoid the situations that are ultimately unhealthy for them, such as hospitals, watching the news, funerals, mediation sessions, conferences, and other typically often sad or stressful places or situations because of the confronting strong negative energies surrounding the places and people.

But even if an empath were to avoid all human contact in order to deny themselves the effects of sensing the emotions or ailments of others, their heart would be with them still, an empath experiences empathy whilst watching television and movies (particularly horrific real life stories of tragedy or cruelty on the news, but will even be effected by soap opera and cry at television commercials), reading books and magazines, by websites (particularly things such as blogs and forums, where an empath may pick up energy simply from opening a page without even reading anything), and basically anything in life that has to do with living things. Empaths need to learn to recognize, embrace, control and enhance their spiritual calling in order to fulfill their expansions

You would agree that being a compassionate human is a wonderful experience. Empaths are quite often born with special talents for healing; somehow "just knowing" what is wrong with someone and what the best treatment would be. They also make wonderful teachers who have a unique ability to really "connect" with their students. And a lot of Empaths do not realize that their ability does not only include absorbing the emotions of others, but also the ability to change the moods and emotions of those around them. If empathic people can learn to break through the negative emotions surrounding them and put out strong, positive energy directed at those who are having negativity, they may find that they have the power to change negative situations and perhaps the moods of those around them just with a smile, a laugh or a few positive words and some beaming positive, spiritual energy.

Empaths really need to learn to psychically "shield" themselves from negative energy. There are some great meditation techniques for shielding oneself, as well as not even allowing bad energy in, and instead radiating positive vibrations out. They may also find that wearing crystals, amulets or talismans for protection against negative energy or sessions of reiki healing are beneficial. Those born with the high sense of empathy intuition will often struggle throughout life without knowing why they are somewhat different from their surroundings or how to change their situations. It takes a lot of hard work, devotion and determination to learn to shield, accept, help, let go or release and really embrace their empathy, instead of resisting or denying their true calling. No matter the path an empath takes, they will usually find themselves helping others in some way, as it is their calling and quite often their destiny.


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