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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Minister to add to our sit!

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on March 11, 2013 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I would like to take this oppertunity to inform you that our member Chanoce(CC), has decided to train with us for her ministry.  Please join me in welcoming her into our fold.

Blessed Be!

Chaplain Shane Simar

Forgiveness: The key to Reconciliation

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on February 1, 2013 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (1)

 by Emmanuel Roman


Forgiveness is the key to reconciliation. When there isn't forgiveness, there is distance in a relationship, grudges are held, anger arises, vengeance wants to be done and we want to punish people over and over again in our minds. All these things are unhealthy for a relationship.

As the example that Jesus has given us. Through Him we know that God has forgiven us of our sins therefore we are reconciled to Him, can approach Him with confidence and have a relationship with Him.

This shows us that if there is a distance in our relationship be it physical or emotional. Chances are there is a lack of forgiveness somewhere, because when there is forgiveness, the confidence to draw close is also there.

So what is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is setting the person who hurt you free. Setting the person free from their responsibility to apologize to you, setting them free from their responsibility to make things better with you and setting them free from their rightfully deserved punishment.

Again Jesus is the perfect example of forgiveness in that while we deserved to get punished for our sins, He has already forgiven the world, even those who do not believe in Him and continue to live in their sins. He forgave us even before we repented of our sins.

Forgiveness is also setting yourself free. Setting yourself free from the responsibility to punish the other person who caused you pain. Setting yourself free from any bitterness, anger or hatred which might develop in your heart.

If we want our relationship to persevere in a healthy way, we must forgive our partners on a daily basis.

But not only our partners, but anyone in the past who has hurt us in any way. We must do this because we might be punishing our partners for something they did not do. Maybe somebody in the past cheated on you and your still taking out your pain on your partner, thinking that their capable of doing the same thing.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. If you're trying to forget a pain that someone has caused you in the past, you will find that it is very difficult. The most you can do is oppress your feelings, which is not healthy for you or your relationship, because you're not being honest with yourself. Also this can lead you to retaliate or take your emotions out on the wrong people, which isn't fair.

You have to choose to forgive. Like love, forgiveness is not an emotion, it's an act of your will. You forgive because you want your relationship to prosper and continue. Don't wait to feel like to want to forgive. Forgive even when you don't feel like it. Say in your heart and out loud, I �choose� to forgive.

Whether you forgive or not, whatever pain was caused to you has already occurred. Nothing will change that. What can change is whether you choose to continue to live in bitterness and anger or whether you choose to live in freedom and peace. To live in freedom, you have to let the causer of your pain, free.

This doesn't sound fair, but it's what God has done with us through Jesus Christ. We didn't deserve God's forgiveness, but He forgave us anyway. He let us free from our condemnation.

The Bible says, Don't take out your own vengeance but to let God deal with the vengeance. You see your letting the person free, and letting God deal with them. By this I don't mean to start praying for God to hurt them or punish them, but what I mean is to just set them free in your mind and in your heart, and trust that God in his time, not yours, will deal with the person as He seems fit. Let God deal with the punishment. Set yourself free from that responsibility.

Don't wait for the other person to ask for your forgiveness. Forgive them inside your mind and inside your heart. It can be done in private. It's something between you and God. If while forgiving in your heart, the memories of the pain begin to come up or you start to experience strong emotional pains, don't suppress them, let them come out. This is how God begins the healing process in your life. Bring it all out into the light. If you have to, scream on a pillow or out loud, who cares what the neighbors think. This is for your health and for your relationship.

Once you have forgiven, keep reminding yourself that you have forgiven. Sometimes we forgive then later on thoughts of vengeance or remembrance of what happened comes to our minds. That's when we have to remind ourselves, �I have forgiven, I hold nothing against that person. They are free in my mind and in my heart. God you deal with them�. Do this every time it comes to mind. At first it will seem hard, but after a while it will get easier, and your inner peace will increase.

After you forgive, don't bring it up again. That's not forgiveness and your just reminding yourself of what happened, and making your life worst. Don't bring it up again, if your partner hurt and you made the choice to forgive them. Don't keep reminding them of what they did, because you're doing this to hurt them or make them feel bad, which is vengeance. Remember, leave the vengeance to God. Forgive and don't bring it up again.

Set yourself free from bitterness and anger towards your partner, by setting them free in your mind and in your heart. Forgiveness is the key to reconciliation and it's the key to a healthy relationship.

Wishing your marriage the best.


About the Author


Advice for married couples to help couples achieve a happy and successful relationship.

Emmanuel Roman is one of the writers for advice4marriedcouples.com. He and his wife can honestly say that they are living a happy marriage with a sincere love for each other. But this did not come easy, they had a lot of problems in the beginning of their marriage mostly caused by Emmanuel's jealousy and his explosive anger. After his wife asked for a separation, Emmanuel, with God's help and the help of other counselors managed to put his life in order and fix his relationship. He wants to use his experience and knowledge to help other struggling couples also achieve happiness in their marriage.

My First Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on February 1, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

by Mormo Zine


Native American spirituality is very big in my part of the world (Eastern Oregon). For years I have heard many of my friends talking about going to Native ritual ceremonies but never got invited until just recently. Two of my friends needed a ride to a sweat lodge and called and asked permission for me to join the sweat. When I got there I decided I would not join. It was extremely cold with snow on the ground and I am pretty sensitive to cold. As people started showing up, mostly friends of mine, i decided I better just do it. I stripped down to bathing suit and towel, shoes with no socks, and walked out to the teepee (I forget what they called it). First you walk around the teepee, then you raise your hands in the air facing each direction, then get down and crawl inside. Outside the tent there is a large fire and underneath the burning logs are rocks. The fire tender uses a pitchfork to move the hot rocks into a pit in the middle of the teepee. A girl then sprinkled cedar chips on the rocks. While the rocks were being loaded in, my friend who was my helper for the experience explained some breathing techniques and told me nothing would harm me inside the lodge. The door was closed and it became pitch black.

A Native American guide began leading a prayer, talking about our ancestors and how we wanted blessings for our families as well as all people on Earth. People started banging drums and singing a song in Native American language while the leader poured cups full of water on to rocks. The lodge got very hot and steamy! This is when I started to see spirits. I need to explain at this point that I am a closed eye psychic and seeing spirits is not unusual for me. Not everyone sees spirits in the sweat lodge but I think most people get some kind of insight into their life while inside. First I saw my higher power. I asked him to help me get money and he agreed and said he would give me gold coins as well. Gold coins from my higher power don't always mean money but often blessings in this world or the next. I found out after that it is not good to discuss money in the lodge, more on this later. Next I saw my grandfather. He was happy to see me and be involved in a Native American ceremony. He liked Native American spirituality in life and even told me when he was kid in the 30's(?) he considered getting a mohawk in honor of Native Americans. I then saw my Native American spirit guide. He told me to get out of the lodge.

The sweat is broken down to four parts. On the drive to sweat my friend told I should try and make it through the first round. My Native American guide told me to get out after the first round. I didn't want to face the snow and thought I was tough enough to make it another round so I stayed in. The second round was a lot hotter then the first. I saw a lot of spirits floating around this time. My Native American guide was pissed though and I heard him yelling at me and felt his rage the whole time. I tried to hum a long with the song but it was hard as I was having trouble breathing. This session ended with a prayer for all the people affected by mass shootings. I crawled out the teepee and got changed inside the house.

Our Native American leader asked me to help tend fire and do small chores like bring drinking water and water to pour on the rocks. After the sweat was over everybody changed and our leader went to his car. My Native spirit guide told me to follow him and give him some gas money. The leader thanked me for the money and said this was an old tradition, to give something to elders who traveled far to help. Next there was a potluck feast and we all ate well. The food tasted very good because the sweat was draining. Our leader explained me to me that the feast was part of the ritual. We offered a plate to the spirits and the food we ate represented food to all our family and ancestors. After the feast our leader said "Don't be discouraged by talk about white boys shouldn't do Native spirituality." I asked him "What if I am hearing that from my spirit guide?". He said "Your spirit guide needs to wake the fuck up and see the new way!". He told me that he saw my spirits inside the sweat and that I run with a tough crowd. My Indian spirit was good, just old fashion but my higher power was a bad dude and I should consider finding someone else.

Ultimately it was a very profound, intense experience. It is going to take me more prayer and meditation before I decide to go back. I think I want to have a goal next time. Maybe to try and help my Native spirit guide to see the new way. Perhaps try and find more spirit guides. I thinking praying for your family is what you are supposed to do so that would be good. I've been invited to the summer festival also so I will meditate about that as well.

About the Author

Mormo Zine has been a punk rock worker for close to ten year. He started by making one inch buttons for bands. He then started video taping shows and this got him invited to all the after parties. He published 11 issues of a paper zine but currently publishes a e-zine you can sign up to receive for free at his website: http://www.mormozine.com

The Power of Positive Attitude

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 20, 2013 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful.


With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic, and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing.


Positive attitude manifests in the following ways:

Positive thinking.


Constructive thinking.


Creative thinking.




Motivation to accomplish your goals.


Choosing happiness.

It also expresses itself as:

Expectation of success.


Being inspired.


Not giving up.


Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise.


Believing in yourself and in your abilities.


Displaying self-esteem and confidence.


Looking for solutions.


Seeing opportunities.

A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you, and the way you look at the world, but it also affects your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious.


The benefits of a positive attitude:

It helps tou achieve goals and attain success.


More happiness.


More energy.


Greater inner power and strength.


The ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others.


Fewer difficulties encountered along the way.


The ability to overcome difficulty more easily.


Life smiles at you.


More respect from other people.

Negative attitude says: you cannot achieve success.

Positive attitude says: You can achieve success.


If you have been exhibiting a negative attitude and expecting failure and difficulties, it is now the time to change the way you think. It is time to get rid of negative thoughts and behavior and lead a happy and successful life. Why not start today? If you have tried and failed, it only means that you have not tried enough.


Simple tips for developing a positive attitude:

Choose to be happy. Yes, it is a matter of choice.


Look at the bright side of life.


Choose to be and stay optimistic.


Find reasons to smile more often.


Have faith in yourself and in the Power of the Universe.


Associate yourself with happy people.


Read inspiring stories.


Read inspiring quotes.


Repeat affirmations that inspire and motivate you.


- Visualize only what you want to happen.


Learn to master your thoughts.


Learn concentration and meditation.

Following even only one of the above suggestions, will bring more light into your life!


For more information on positive attitude, explore the links at the beginning of this page.


About the Author


Remez Sasson is an author and blogger. He is the founder of SuccessConsciousness.com, a website and blog about self improvement and spiritual growth.


Remez Sasson is the author of several life transforming books, with a wealth of information, advice and guidance.






Motivation and How to Get Motivated

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 20, 2013 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

By Remez Sasson


Motivation has become a popular word nowadays. There are motivational coaches and speakers, and motivational books and articles. What is it actually, and why do you need it?


Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.


In order to get motivated, you need to know exactly what it is that you want, to possess a strong desire, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.


More than often there is lack of motivation, or only a short-lived one. How many times have you started enthusiastically a weight loss program, began a bodybuilding or aerobics training program, or started learning a foreign language, only to stop after a short while?


It easier to show motivation in connection with a subject that is dear to you. If you desire something, but you don't feel motivated enough to act, this means that the desire is not important enough. To be motivated to take action and do something in respect to your desire, you need to possess a really strong desire.


Motivation has much to do with the emotions and the imagination, which means that if you want to increase it, you have to work on your feelings and imagination.


Tips to increase your motivation:


1. Think, meditate and find out whether you really want to achieve your desire, and whether it is worth the effort and time.


2. Make your goal very clear. Writing it down will help.


3. Think often about your goal or desire.


4. Visualize your goal as already accomplished, and close your mind to contrary thoughts.


5. Read books or articles about the subject of your goal.


6. Read about people who have achieved success.


7. Think often about the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal.


8. Visualize, and think about how you would feel after achieving your goal.


9. Repeat positive affirmations such as: "I have the desire and inner strength to achieve my goal". Repeat this affirmation often, with faith and strong feelings.


10. Start with doing something small concerning your goal. Success in small matters leads to greater success.


Motivation is the powerful engine that moves you towards success and accomplishments in every area.



About the Author


Remez Sasson is an author and blogger. He is the founder of SuccessConsciousness.com, a website and blog about self improvement and spiritual growth.


Remez Sasson is the author of several life transforming books, with a wealth of information, advice and guidance.

Meditation for inner peace and for relaxation of mind and body, with beautiful nature scenes, soothing music and affirmations.

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 20, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Click the link below for the video



Quotes on Inner Peace and Meditation

There is one thing which, if practiced and developed conduces to letting go, giving up, stilling, calming, higher knowledge, awakening and to Nirvana. And what is that one thing? It is the recollection of peace.



As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery... we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.

Dalai Lama


We meditate for various reasons. Peace of mind we all badly need. Therefore, when we meditate, either consciously or unconsciously we aim at peace of mind. Meditation give us peace of mind without a tranquilliser. And unlike a tranquilliser, the peace of mind that we get from meditation does not fade away. It lasts for good in some corner of the inmost recesses of our aspiring heart.

Sri Chinmoy


As meditation deepens, complusions, cravings and fits of emotion begin to lose their power to dictate our behavior.

Eknath Easwaran


A compassionate state of mind brings inner peace, and therefore a healthier body.

Tenzin Gyatso


When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world.

Maha Ghosananda


Meditation gives you an opportunity to come to know your invisible self. It allows you to empty yourself of the endless hyperactivity of your mind, and to attain calmness. It teaches you to be peaceful, to remove stress, to receive answers where confusion previously reigned.

Wayne Dyer

Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Being, Freedom

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 20, 2013 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

 By Remez Sasson

Tom was sitting on the floor, in front of an Indian guru, in an ashram in India. He was experiencing a sort of immense inner happiness, which he has never experienced before. His mind was calm and relaxed, and his thoughts were not as frantic as they used to be.

He was sure that what he was experiencing was going to change his life. Though it was a very hot day, he hardly felt the heat, and kept looking into the eyes of his guru, oblivious to his surroundings. Suddenly a feeling of great bliss began streaming throughout his entire body and mind, making him feel light and slightly giddy. He was experiencing a sense of vastness and endlessness, and was so content and happy that he wished this state would never end. It was difficult for him to think. His mind, as if stopped working, but his consciousness became vibrant and alive. This lasted for about half an hour, and then gradually, he started returning to his ordinary consciousness. Tom was now certain he became enlightened, and that he has realized his true Self. Some time later, a thought started rising in his mind, whispering to him that he could become a spiritual teacher, due to his spiritual experience. But can he become a teacher? Has he really attained this so called "Realization of the Self"?

Is there really such a thing called enlightenment? And if there is, what is it? Has Tom really realized his Self? For a short time, due to his earnest desire, and the sense of euphoria of being in the vicinity of the guru, Tom experienced a different kind of consciousness. It has not yet become permanent. The memory of the experience will persist, making him eager to repeat it. Yet, the habits of the mind cannot change overnight. He had a glimpse.

The veil over the vast ever-present Consciousness was lifted momentarily, because the mind has become silent for some time, letting him experience this inner state. What does Tom has to do now? Has he reached the final Spiritual Realization? Has he achieved spiritual awakening? No, the real work begins now. Concentration power, which is the power to hold the attention on one single object or subject, is required. If it is strong that is fine. If not, it can certainly be improved by appropriate exercises, some of which can be found at this web site. When the concentration ability is well developed, it is much more easier to silence the mind. When the mind is silent, thoughts do not distract, and worries do not trouble.

When there are no clouds, the bright beautiful sun is seen. When there are no thoughts, the ever-present sweetness of the Self is experienced. Throughout the ages mystics, yogis, saints and philosophers have been seeking the answer to the riddle of life. Many believe that enlightenment - spiritual awakening is the answer. Nowadays, it seems that there is a tendency to seek instant enlightenment, like instant coffee, and to interpret various inner experiences as enlightenment or spiritual awakening. The mind seeks and invents all kinds of theories. It works with concepts and words. It discusses and analyzes everything and is restricted to its own content. To every answer there is another question. Thoughts are endless, and any theory is only a mental invention, invented by the mind. What are called facts, are also in the realm of the mind. The mind can find reasons and excuses for everything and call them facts.

Whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not, the mind rules your life and is your master. You think, arrive to conclusions, interpret, and react to life through its filters, habits and tendencies. Techniques Think and meditate about the mind, and how it involves you in all kinds of schemes and desires. Try to watch how the mind works, and how thoughts arise. For a while become an observer of your mind and its thoughts. Follow the way they arise, move and make way to other thoughts. Pay attention how they entice you to think them. Now you have done something you may have never done before. You have thought about your thoughts, you have viewed the mind from the outside, as if you were watching someone else's mind. Without realizing it, you have watched the mind as if you were separate from it. Wow! Think about it! Now I ask you, who are you, the mind and its thoughts, or the one watching the mind? If you have followed the above advice, then you have made a great discovery: You are not the mind. You are the one who is watching it. It is possible to develop the habit of looking at the mind as if from the outside, as if it is not yours. Try not to be involved in the thoughts and desires that arise, and at least in theory, separate yourself from the mind.

Just convince yourself that it is not you. Do it often, until you really start to see that you are separate from the mind, which is some kind of a power you can use. Each day devote some time watching how thoughts enter your mind. Don't try to think, just follow their movement dispassionately. Watch how they come, try to claim your attention, grow, then wither, and new thoughts arise. By experience you will come to appreciate how great and useful is this way of treating the mind. If your concentration ability is strong enough, it will be easier and faster to reach the conclusion that you are not the mind. If you treat your thoughts with indifference, you will experience inner silence. In this silence there is happiness, power, content and the certainty that nothing can harm or disturb you anymore. By "you", I do not mean your body, I mean you, your consciousness that at this moment of inner silence you consider as yourself. You now know without the slightest doubt that you are not your thoughts or mind, but something bigger and vaster.

A different kind of Consciousness When there are no thoughts, there is no vacuum. There is a feeling of beginning-less and endless consciousness and awareness. Not awareness of something, but just awareness. You can get some idea of what I mean, if you remember how you felt in a completely dark and quiet room. You could see and hear nothing, yet you were conscious. It was some sort of lack of sensory perception, yet you had full consciousness. Not consciousness of something, but just awareness of yourself. It is the same here, but vaster. It is not the body that enters a peculiar and different state. It is neither the mind, because it is silent. At this moment there are no concepts or thoughts in the mind. As there are no thoughts, this consciousness cannot be an illusion, as it is the mind that creates illusion, and it is not present now. This consciousness is not something new. It is not something strange, peculiar, unnatural or supernatural. It the substratum of our life, but we never pay it attention. We let the mind rule and create our life. You may not accept it, but what we call life, is actually a dream, a sort of a movie weaved by the mind. We never stop to think and examine the mind and its thoughts. We have got accustomed to live in the mind, rely on it, and accept whatever it presents us. This Consciousness you are reading about is real, eternal, one and indivisible. Due to ignorance and the way the mind works, we consider ourselves as a separate organism with body and thoughts. From the standpoint of the Indian philosophy Advaita-Vedanta all is illusion-Maya. It is only the One great Universal Consciousness that exists. While sleeping and dreaming, we see a world. This life we call awakening is also a dream, but a longer one.

When we stop our thoughts and quieten the mind, we find out who we are and always were. When the coverings and sheets of the mind are removed, we see reality as it really is. Further Steps Now here is another strange suggestion. Try to watch the watcher of the mind, the witness. Try to find who is it that is looking at the mind. You are watching your thoughts. You see them pass by. Every now and then you find yourself immersed in your thoughts, and then you bring yourself back to watching the thoughts. Try to find out who this watcher is. Do not think or use words, just try in an intuitive way to find the watcher. The next step will be to transfer your awareness into the watcher of the witness of the mind. Experience and intuition will show you the way. These are not mere words, or a kind of mind acrobatics. If you go step by step you will surely realize what I mean. Stop even witnessing the mind. It is a step that may come naturally by itself, because of what you have been doing. You will feel in a natural way, that you are the silence that is experienced. Not you, as a definite, limited personality, but 'you', as an endless consciousness. You experience, or rather become, happiness, joy, power, calmness, and great inner silence. This experience can come suddenly or gradually, but to make it permanent, you have to train yourself each day, not only when alone in your room, but in all situations. The rewards are every great.

Peace of mind, happiness, great inner power, a taste of eternity and great real freedom. In this state you experience your "Inner Consciousness" constantly. Then you do not even need to watch the mind. It will then be naturally supervised by a higher awareness. Enlightenment - Spiritual Awakening So, is there such a thing as enlightenment? It is a word, a concept. The word is not important, the experience is important. Even the word "experience" is inappropriate. Experience is something that happens. It may come again or it may not. I am speaking about something permanent, not transitory. I am speaking about the realization that you are not the mind, but something vaster. In enlightenment, which is spiritual awakening, the mind, which loves to define and label everything, is not a part of this "experience", and therefore it cannot describe it properly.

Spiritual awakening, and the realization that you are not the mind dawns as you disentangle yourself from the mind. When you know first hand that you are not the mind, you realize who you are. You lift the veil of the mind and see Reality as it is. This is a state of real freedom, when events, circumstances, habits and thoughts do not disturb or affect you on the inner level, and you come to understand that your life, your true essence, is actually beyond the world of thoughts. You may continue your daily life as it is, living and acting in this world, but yet being out of this world. Read and reread this article until you truly understand the meaning. Give this subject some thought and time, and consider what it can do to your life if taken seriously. You can start walking on the spiritual path right from the point where you are now, because the Spirit has no particular place, it is everywhere. The subject of this article has been shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. This has happened because the mind that tries to describe a state it has never experienced. Each experience one has, is interpreted in accordance with previous experiences. There are always comparisons. But the mind has never experienced enlightenment, so all its theories about it are just mental concepts, which have nothing to do with the real meaning.

Enlightenment is not something to be reached, not something to be gained. It is just the removal of erroneous concepts, attitudes and thoughts. It is making the mind silent. That is all. The way is open to everyone who is willing to step on this path. You can engage in a spiritual quest, no matter whether you are living in an ashram in India, in a cave, in a monastery or in a small town or a big city. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, single or married with children, working or retired. All you need is a strong desire, and finding some time to be alone for the inner work.

About the Author Remez Sasson is an author and blogger. He is the founder of SuccessConsciousness.com, a website and blog about self improvement and spiritual growth. Remez Sasson is the author of several life transforming books, with a wealth of information, advice and guidance.

How to Control Anger Before It Destroys Your Future

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on November 2, 2012 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (0)

 by: Ngozi Nwoke





“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that rules his spirit than he that takes a city” King Solomon. Anger is destructive and is a destroyer of destinies. Many people have lost jobs, relationships, and opportunities, all because of anger. Also, some people are in prison houses, wasting their fruitful years simply because they did not control their anger. Anger is an emotion that must be controlled before it destroys your great future.


You need to understand that anger stems from selfishness, lack of wisdom and understanding. In Ecclesiastes 7:9, Solomon made it clear that anger rests in the bosom of fools. A man of wisdom and understanding will control his anger and overlook certain wrongs done to him. People get angry because they are considering themselves, how bad their pride or ego has been injured, how their time, energy or money was wasted, etc.


Does it mean you are never to be angry? I will say NO, because there is also time for you to be angry. For instance, you need to be angry enough when things are not working well to force yourself to take steps to change the situation. The question is what do you do when you are angry? Also how long does it linger? Ephesians 4:26 says, “Be ye angry and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath” (KJV)


So, how do you control Anger before it destroys your future?


· Make a decision not to be easily angered.


When one of my mentors, David Oyedepo, learned that anger lies in the bosom of fools, he made a decision to forgive people even before they wrong him. This attitude will keep anger far from you no matter what people say or do to you.


· Don’t consider you first.


Sometimes, people don’t intentionally do things to make you angry. Be wise enough to take a breath and consider the scenario before acting. Through experience, I have learned that such short breaks diffuse the anger and allow you to think well and make the right decision.


· Make no friendship with a hot-tempered man


Evil communication corrupts good manners. If you continue with such a person, you will learn his/her ways and snare your future. Proverbs 22:24-25


· Watch your words


Words are powerful and are seeds that when declared will bring forth a harvest. Don’t confess how easily you get angry; instead say how difficult it is for you to get angry. Let the words - anger or angry - not be part of your usual vocabulary.


· Walk away


This is not a sign of weakness but of strength and great wisdom. When you sense anger building up within you, you need to just walk away from the scene or person. That moment is not the right time to say or do anything. Anger stirs up strife and develops problems that could have been avoided.


· Ask for God’s help.


God crowns your effort to control anger with His own power. Many people have tried to control anger but failed because they didn’t ask for God’s help. Anger is a force that is out to destroy you, so you need a higher force to overcome it.


· Don’t be angry with yourself


If in the process of learning to control your anger you miss it, don’t tear yourself apart. Every success story had failures to fight with on the way. So, learn from your mistake and be determined to overcome next time.


Anger is a snare that should not be played with or tolerated. Many success stories were cut short merely because of anger. Your future is bright, great and colourful. Nothing should be allowed to destroy it, especially anger.


How else can you control anger?

About The Author

Ngozi Nwoke Is a teacher and a counselor. She has a passion to teach people how to enjoy peace, God's love and christian living for more fulfilling life. Want more fulfilling life? subscribe for free email updates today. http://stepswithgod.

Does God Exist?

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By: Margriet Struik"I don't believe in God. I believe in something, just not in God".


When questioned about their belief in God, a lot people seem to have a very narrow view of what God is supposed to be, inextricably linked to organised religion. When they cannot reconcile that narrow view with their own belief system they state that they do not believe in God and therefore have no relationship with the divine. That relationship may still be desired, as it could bring security, unconditional love, support at times of need and a sense of belonging, but it would constitute a lie to oneself and can therefore not be maintained. Many who claim they are non-believers however, are still left with the feeling that there is something bigger than ourselves, something they would like to connect to at some level, just not within the traditional context of organised religion.

As I see it, there are many ways to approach the concept of God and organised religion is just one of them.


Organised religion generally poses the personal God, usually male, an omnipotent (all powerful) being who rules the world and who, by allowing human beings the freedom of choice, also allows the existence of His Antagonist, the Devil. This God wants His subjects to come to Him of their own free will, but when they don't, they will spend eternity in the flames of Hell. There is only one life and it must be lived by God's rules. Within Christianity, there are ways of purging sins, through confession and true repentance, in which case an officially assigned representative of God can grant you forgiveness and cleanse your soul. If you can not get access to such a representative of God before you die, tough luck, you die and go to Hell whether you are repentant or not. Up until very recently, the Catholic church did not allow stillborn babies into heaven, they had to stay in 'Limbo' for eternity because they were not baptised before death. ('Limbo' is a place just outside Heaven, away from Hell but also away from the presence of God.)


I personally believe that this is a very limited view of God. This God is not omnipotent; there seem to be enormous shortcomings to his power if he is incapable to grant forgiveness to a repenting soul, without an intervening human representative (e.g. priest) acting on his behalf. This God is not omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) either: he is absent in Limbo, absent in Hell for eternity and absent until access has been granted through baptism, again performed by an officially assigned human representative. Choice is relative, here: 'you do as I say, or you will burn in Hell for eternity'. After death, this God refuses shelter to anyone who has not abided by his rules; the concept of forgiveness is pretty short lived. Access to heaven is, up to a certain point, simply luck of the draw. It is not granted on the basis of your contribution to the world as a caring, loving, non-judgemental human being, who is never afraid of helping out other people, and making right and just decisions, rather than ones driven by personal gain. This may play a part, but not the most important one. Access to heaven is gained mainly by baptism, worship on Sunday, by praying and reading your bible, by telling God you think he's great, you love him and can't live without him. So if you happen to be born in a place that has never heard of this God; if you die alone; if you cannot get access to one of those representatives before you die, who can grant forgiveness for your sins and cleanse your soul; if you die angry with God because you have been hurt and abused, you are not allowed to be with God. You go to Hell.

Life in this context is not a process of growing: it is a cruel and unfair test, with most people in this world seriously disadvantaged, or even incapable of passing, through circumstances beyond their control.


Organised religions are frameworks, encompassing theological theories about the nature of the divine, usually represented as absolute truths, and rules about approaching and incorporating the divine into one's life, usually predicting dire consequences if these rules are not adhered to. The most important thing to understand about organised religions is that they have to keep their institutions alive and as such it is within their best interest to stipulate worship through their facilities, using their people. The need to be needed in order to survive must prevail, because otherwise, they will cease to exist. That is why giving money to religious institutions, in collects or as gifts, is considered a divine duty, why one can only receive true salvation through the institutions and why members are ordered to keep coming back, every morning in the past, and now, as most congregations are waning, at least once a week. Institutions, at their best, do wonderful things. Through them, wonderful people help other people in wonderful ways. But they remain organisations whose belief structures and divine rules are coloured by a need to survive.


I believe that the problem many people seem to have with the concept of God could be due to a failure of organised religions to move with the times, theologically. Many individual representatives of the churches do not subscribe to the idea of hell as they used to, nor to the idea of God as a vengeful, punishing force. Many even acknowledge the possibility of a relationship with God outside the confounds of church and traditional worship, but in essence, the churches still put forward an imposing patriarchal society in all aspects of religious life: a personal male God, benevolent father, head of the household, prescribing a framework of morals and lifestyle rules and restrictions as well as regular worship within religious institutions. The feminine is still entirely absent from the divine. Mary has never been granted divinity; she may be the 'mother of God' but she is still considered human. The archangels are male; Jesus is male. Nobody in this divine family has ever had sex because sex, although quite necessary for the survival of the human race (we can not all achieve 'immaculate conceptions'), is still dirty and, at the heart of it, sinful. At the heart of most religious life is still worship, rather than love for one another in day to day life. Why would God care so much about being worshipped and thanked all the time? Does he have such a big ego?


Monotheism is the existence of a single omnipresent, omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent deity, or God. It is claimed that Christianity is monotheistic, but there are some problems with this claim. In practice we do not see an omnipotent and omnipresent God, as discussed earlier in this article. His omniscience is questionable also. Firstly, his perspective is limited by his sex: he is male and therefore lacks female perspective. (Although in the Old Testament this view of God as solely male is contradicted, e.g. Gen 5.1-2: ... When God created man, he made them in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created.) Secondly, there are many occasions in the Old Testament where God asks questions in order to get answers, e.g Job 1.7 (To Satan:) "Whence have you come?" (God does not know where Satan came from) or: Gen 18.26: And the Lord said, "If I find at Sodom fifty righteous in the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake." (God does not know how many righteous people live in Sodom). But even if we are to take the bible as written by fallible people, rather than God himself, it is still hard to sustain the notion that this God is truly monotheistic.


So why is this an issue at all? Well, it is an issue because there is an inherent contradiction in organised religion. We are told on the one hand that this God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, but on the other hand, the entire frameworks prescribed to us by organised religions tell us that he is none of these things. The theology limits God's power, God's understanding, God's knowledge, God's reach. The fact is, that many people who claim they 'don't believe in God but believe in something' believe in God as something much more than that.

True monotheism, which Christianity claims to be but is not, encompasses a God that is truly omniscient, neither male nor female, and at the same time, both; a God that is truly omnipotent, who controls all and yet nothing because the world would run this way because there is no other way; a God that is omnipresent, who is all things and yet, nothing, because the very nature of being is already finite. This God is past, present and future, and all at the same time because this God is time and beyond time. This God is so all encompassing that we cannot escape it, no matter how 'bad' we are or how much we deny its existence. To deny this God would be to deny ourselves. This God does not need or demand worship, nor praise or prayer, because this God has no ego. Rather, we are the ones that need prayer, in order to connect back with what is true. Connecting to this God would mean connecting with what needs to be, to embrace life. Hell is merely an illusion, a state of denial, an absence, rather than an active force of being. Hell does not truly exists because God is omnipresent and therefore a place without God can not exist.


So in answer to the main question: does God exist, we might say this: the concept of God as an all-encompassing thing, or life itself in all shapes and forms, embraces any view of the world around us. There is no limit to what you can believe or disbelieve. We know so little and we are so little, in this world. One might say that angels and ghosts and fairies do not exist, because there is no 'real' proof. There is even less proof that they don't exist. One might say that reincarnation is just an inability to accept that when we're dead, that's it, we're really not that important. On the other hand, not believing it might just be an excuse not to learn what we need to learn, because if we don't, we will have to in the next life. The existential doubt of the existence of God has always struck me as slightly odd. The sun rises every day, doesn't it? You are breathing, aren't you? Do you deny the existence of the universe, just because we can not measure it, just because we do not understand?


So what about that relationship with God? How can you connect to all these things at the same time, and why would you bother if you don't believe in the grey man on the cloud?

Well, the answer is simple. You don't have a relationship with God for God, that would be ridiculous. You have a relationship with God or 'the divine' for you, in order to find a moment of peace and tranquillity and in order to feel connected and in control in a very demanding, stressful world. Addressing God in those brief moments does not automatically mean you believe God is a man on a cloud. You could pray, you could talk to God when no one can hear you, write a letter to God, do yoga, meditate, take some quiet time of contemplation. You won't be lying to yourself. You can have your theological cake and eat it. And at its best, maybe that is what organised religion manages to offer to some of us: an almostm tangible relationship with something that is ultimately beyond definition.

Author Bio

Margriet Struik is a regular writer for www.lettertogod.net. Visit Letter to God to leave a Letter to your God, add to the Dream Book, view self help Articles or submit your own articles. [email protected]

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Spiritual Books

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 by: Gian Kumar





Spiritual books are known to be our best friends for their unconditional love towards us. Reading, generally, has always been one of our favourite hobbies. As far as spiritual inspiration and knowledge is concerned, there is no substitute of acquiring it other than from spiritual books. These books are fuel for our thoughts and beliefs, they provide us the inspiration and courage to stand up for what we feel is right for our growth.


Spiritual books have begun to multiply in number in recent times. And it is true that once we go through the work of writers who have had spiritual inspiration, our lives get changed.


Tired of leading stressful and unhappy lives, people with a desire to lead peaceful lives are resorting to spirituality. Thus spirituality is on the rise. Walking on the path of spirituality not only helps us to realise our real Self, but it also inspires us and drives us to lead a joyous life. If we intend to relax and attain peace of mind we should read spiritual books.


A good way of selecting these inspiring books is to search online for them. We need to select a few good spiritual books available in the market and start reading it religiously. We should make a regular habit of reading them, set up a time of the day for the same, and put our whole mind on it. While reading spiritual books we should not be watching TV or eating or doing anything else.


We slowly begin to see the world around us in a different perspective. We begin to comprehend why a person is behaving the way he/she is. We learn to take things in stride and move on without getting much baffled from his/her behaviour.


Spiritual books help us clarify a lot of our doubts which otherwise seem difficult to resolve. We must believe that our time invested in spiritual reading will definitely change our lives. We become very positive. Our attitude and point of view for life also changes. Realizing our dreams and aspirations will become easy and we shall experience joys like never before.


This blissful experience is an important facet of spiritual inspiration coming through books. Nonetheless, mere reading won’t help us unless we learn to apply these principles in our day to day affairs. Spirituality is not about reading alone, it is about being and becoming. We need to understand the writer’s point of view and begin to follow it in our lives with determination. This is important because without doing this spiritual books will produce no good results.


For people like us who are moved by spiritual inspiration, it is necessary that we seek wholeheartedly until we reach our destination. And once we begin to find spiritual realisation, we must keep seeking until we are convinced, at the deepest level of our inner being, of the eternal reality that God, is our own real Self.


For some of us, this realisation might happen in an instant explosive revelation; for others, it will occur quietly and gradually. Whenever it happens, we will all know.

About The Author

Spiritual Inspiration means realizing your full potential and attaining success as well as attaining happiness and peace of mind. It is also said, that among all knowledge, there is one that all of us should know, and that is Spirituality. For more information visit: www.booksonspirituality.com

The author invites you to visit:


Happy Building: A Letter From The Chaplain

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What did you Do Today?


What did you do today? I wonder if at times we don't over-complicate things? So, let's simplify things a little.


If the question, "What did you do today?" is posed, many of us easily reel off an exhaustive list of tasks that we completed. But, we can simplify things a little by re-phrasing the question. Instead of asking, "What did you do today?", let's rather ask, "Did you build something or break something today?"


Keep that question in mind when considering life at Universal Life Church.


Did you build or break?


Did you build someone up or did you break them down? Did you build your own reputation through your actions and words or did you break your reputation? Did you build Universal Life Church's image - or did you break it?


I am sure that if we are all very honest then we can all plead guilty to having broken down in a number of these areas at one time or another. That's OK. Life, family and work all take their toll. It's busy and difficult and frustration sets in and we lose it - we are not perfect! But, we still need to work at it.


Let's take it one day at a time. Those moments when we break people or situations down, will never go away entirely and to expect that may be too idealistic.


We need to  make a conscious effort to build each other and relationships up honestly and sincerely. We need to really work at not breaking! If we can do that, then maybe the "building moments" will outshine the "breaking moments" and that positive balance is definitely within our reach!


So, next time someone asks you, "What did you do today?" - wouldn't it be nice to simply say, "I built!"



Overcoming Despair When it Seems like There are Few Other Options

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by Karl Koschinska in Spirituality   

It's hard to tell how long people in places around the world will be made to struggle through the devastating events of the last few years. It's even more difficult to know how to go on without feeling scared, sad and confused, while troubled economies, natural disasters, untrustworthy politicians and war continue to plague us. Our present situation makes even the most optimistic among us feel unsure about the coming years and how we will cope.

One year ago, people around the world watched as a powerful earthquake off the coast of Japan set off a tsunami that led to the death of thousands of people, left millions more homeless and further crippled an economy already in recovery. As people around the world watched, the already crippled country was forced to try to contain the destruction of a nuclear power plant that had been seriously damaged by the wave, with the pressure of knowing that any miscalculation could cause far greater devastation in Japan and beyond.

Even now, as the Japanese people struggle to rebuild their lives, feelings of uncertainty are prominent for we know that at any time an equally devastating natural disaster could occur in another part of the world.

Then, we're repeatedly reminded of our frailty as drought and conflict lead to serious famine in countries throughout Africa. Few of us have turned on the T.V. or read the newspaper lately without seeing a picture of a severely malnourished child. The solution to these devastating famines seems so easy for us in countries where food and water are readily available, but yet we feel powerless to do anything about it.

Then, the hopelessness we feel when we watch or experience the events that we cannot control is only magnified when tensions rise and the threat of war becomes reality. No matter where you figure into the conflict, it's impossible to know which side is 'right' or 'wrong' and what, if anything, you can do about it.

The financial woes of many of the world's economies may not have caused casualties or physical destruction, but they have certainly reinforced the feelings of defencelessness spurned by other world events. Job, home and business losses, financial collapse and the unnerving realization that people trusted with our economic futures failed us, makes it increasingly difficult to stay optimistic or to persevere.

In times like these, who can you turn to for hope or consoling? Where do people turn when it seems all of the odds are against them?

For many, the answer is prayer. For more information on prayer,Why Pray visit the website at http://goo.gl/R7zbN

About the Author It's hard to tell how long people in places around the world will be made to struggle through the devastating events of the last few years. It's even more difficult to know how to go on without feeling scared, sad and confused, while troubled economies, natural disasters, untrustworthy politicians and war continue to plague us. In times like these, one can't help but feel uncertain about the future and their place in it.


Benefits of Angel Guidance

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by Michael Angelos in Spirituality

The term "angel" comes from the ancient greek word angelos which means "messenger". Angels are literally the messengers of our creator. They are the messengers that remind us of the message of unconditional love.

Angels partner with us on a soul level along with the Universe, to support us in increasing our vision. They encourage us and remind us of the truth, beauty, and ultimate goodness inside everything. When we require our angels to support us with even the most typical tasks, we're able to feel confident that all is unfolding as outlined by a greater will. As a result of this act of guidance, we let go of our notions of isolation and separateness. All of us recognise that we are never alone; that you have support and help whenever we require it. Take a second to sense gratitude for this realization.

Angels are in existence to help us in raising our consciousness, be a little more unconditionally caring and discover our interconnection. Any time you actually contact the angelic realm, you'll observe tenderness, love, and miracles. Speaking with the angels happens to be an entirely normal practice, though it is becoming hidden by our collective belief that the faith based world isn't real.

Angels are unquestionably wise, conscious creatures who exist in a finer dimension of reality. This means that we can't see them with our five senses, nevertheless they can respond to us. Our realms interpenetrate the other, with their world enfolding ours.

All of us require the angels' help more than ever before. Their unique close presence is incredibly uplifting; because merely realizing that they are around us can help us get through a dark situation. The angels are unquestionably around us whether or not we believe in them or not, but ordinarily don't get involved except in cases where we ask them for assistance. The Universe works on a need-to-know basis; if we ask, we're also answered. Whenever we connect with the spiritual realm we boost our capacity for faith based growth as well as transformation and we take one step closer to our fate.

Anyone and everyone is able to get in touch with angels. After you have perfected the process, you can actually instruct others to do it! Whenever you approach this process with sincere truthfulness, there will come a time when you'll make strong, joyful contact with your own personal guardian angels.

There are many different divination resources that can be used to get in contact with your spiritual helpers, such as the tarot, angel oracle cards, the runes, and also the I Ching. In time you'll find your favorite approach to open yourself up to the intelligence of the spiritual realm and make use of your personal intuitive knowing.

As soon as you form a relationship with your angelic helpers, totally new possibilities will unfold. You will create an alliance with your angels for the purpose of individual and universal awareness. You'll discover ways to improve your rapport with them in order to achieve your objectives. The angels definitely will enter your life and offer up healing.

As you develop a connection with your angels, you are likely to begin to see them as loving friends. These friendships grow in different ways, however it is vital that you have gratitude as well as excitement throughout the process.

Whenever you work with angels, it can be helpful to purchase a diary or note pad and devote more time to documenting your thoughts and intuitive insights. As you eliminate judgments and share any frustration, it'll grow to be easier for you to receive the reality of angels.

There are thousands of ways to correspond with the angelic kingdom, and their support is not limited to any one belief system. Connecting with them is the next step in this spiritual evolution, and will eventually become simple and natural. Everybody can get in touch with them if they have a desire to, and when you ask your angels, you can be certain that you will be given solutions.

Angels are a very genuine part of your own spiritual journey. Even if you can't see them by using your physical vision, they are there. Angels have been with us throughout history, in every time and culture. Angels are available to everyone, all the time.

Making contact with the spiritual world is a process, not a destination. As you develop and expand, the lines of communication will certainly grow wider and your confidence will increase.

About the Author Michael is a psychic who concentrates on intuitive consultations/readings from the spirit world. For a totally free reading, visit angel cards online or check out this helpful reference on Squidoo: Angel Card Readings.

Viewing Living Auras

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Last article  we cocerred seeing the auras of basic colors. Now we are going to move into plants, animals, and human auras. When you observed the aura of colors, you saw the basic aura, but with living objects, you will see the color aura like before and then you should see the life energy aura.



Plants have a living aura and is great to practice with. Get yourself a green healthy plant and place it in a lit area with not too much background color or light. Try to keep the background simple and natural. If you have a copy of our Aura Viewing Recording, play it to tap into the frequencies which will open your brain up for viewing. You can get your copy here


Now start by focusing at a leaf of the plant, then slowly shift your line of sight past the leaf to either side. Maintain visual contact with the leaf through the corner of your eye, and blink naturally as you need to. Assuming the leaf is green, you should start noticing a thin band forming around the perimeter of the leaf. As you continue to focus and watch, this energy band should start changing to an orange hue. The orange is from the green nature of the leaf. As you go deeper in your aura viewing, you should start to notice a more energetic aura from the plant than the basic colors we worked with last time. The aura should glimmer and have a more profound energy field around it. This is the life force in the plant shining through.



This same technique can be used with your pet.  Watch your dog or cat while it is resting or sleeping. Use your recording to speed the process up, and observe your animals living aura. Remember, there are two phases. The color aura will appear first just as it did in the beginning steps. But with living animals, humans, and plants, you should be able to tune in to a much more fascinating energy field. All living auras are a little different but share the same general makeup. Some will radiate as others will be dim. Some will shine and sparkle as some will seem cloudy.



Find a good setting inside or out. This can be done in both artificial lighting or under sunlight. Personally I prefer sunlight as it is the epitome of nature, but indoor lighting should work also. Position one of your arms or legs so it is within your line of sight and look past it as you done before. You should notice your own aura. Finally, you can move on to a human subject.


Things to remember-

If you look at a persons aura while they are outside near grass, they will have an orange hue being cast by the green grass. The visible aura will expand as you watch and tune into it. You may see several inches or even a few feet of their energy aura, but it will start as a thin band surrounding the body. Stimulate your subject- If your viewing a person, try to get them in a happy mood. Let them listen to their favorite music with headphones as you watch them. Or you can let them read an interesting book or article that will captivate them. A persons mood and feelings affect their aura. When your subject is happy, the aura is bigger, brighter, and stronger.


Basic Aura Colors-

Blue= Yellow Aura

Red= Green Aura

Yellow= Pale blue Aura

Orange= Pale Green Aura

Violet= Pale Gold Aura

Indigo= Gold Aura


Everyone can see auras with practice. Don't be disappointed if you fail because it is a skill that needs to be built. When you see an aura, you are stimulating your own forehead Chakra (third eye). Our Aura Viewing Recording does have frequencies that stimulates the forehead Chakra, but we also have recordings directly centered for Chakra stimulation. This works in great conjunction with our Aura Viewing recording. The Chakra selections will blow your mind.  Here's the link.

http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=HkvS_&m=1jN9I4Jxk4i_mn&b=rTTPF_udbCI2HtLQV6Im3A .


Jim McElwee

Lucid Dreaming Progressions

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Hi Again,


We were in the midst of discussing Lucid Dreaming, and the key to realizing you are dreaming. I hope you were able to practice a little. It's time for the next and final step of Lucid Dreaming. If you haven't done so already, I recommend checking out our Lucid Dreaming Recording to keep your mind in a state where dream recognition is enhanced. You can get a copy here:



After You Realize Your Dreaming


Once you realize you are dreaming, your job isn't done. Most times, you will realize you are dreaming, and not know what to do, so your dreams take control again. Don't worry, that's natural, and happens to almost everyone. If it does happen, you know you already made progress, and it's time to conquer the rest.


The Follow Through Technique


Going back to the first example in the last newsletter when we looked at the clock repeatedly, now were going to add a step. Every day we are going to look at the clock, than immediately scratch your arm. Practice doing those two actions repeatedly. Every time we see a click, we scratch our arm. The next time you dream of a clock, you will realize you are dreaming. Now you will dream you are scratching your arm. Hmm....

See how this works?


Premeditate your Dreaming Actions


Simply stated, the actions you want to do in your dreams will most likely need to be premeditated. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to make up your mind on what you want to do while you are dreaming. You will have to know your goal before your dreams begin, and have a way to remind yourself of what you want to do. The possibilities are unlimited. For instance, let's say you want to fly. Everyday, you will look at a clock then immediately say "Time To Fly". You will pound this into your brain that a clock means it's time to fly. Eventually, you will see a clock in your dreams, and without the need to think, you will know it's time to fly.


Maximizing The Effects


Maintaining the correct Theta levels that border Alpha are essential. Once your brain frequencies slip into Delta, your dream will end. Our Lucid Dreaming Recording will help your brain resonate with a perfect frequency range for maximum effects. read here for more information



The Lucid Dream tutorials are now completed. We will now be moving into the fields of motivation, prosperity, and success. The next sections will not follow a tutorial format, but help readers understand important philosophies of these subjects and assist in promoting ultimate results.


Jim McElwee

Lucid Dreaming Step 1

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Let's talk about Lucid Dreaming. This subject is easier to master than the previous ones, and should be much quicker to see results.

So hold on to your hats, and let's get down to business.  Lucid Dreaming is to realize you are dreaming and learn to control your dreams. This one is easy to figure out, but like anything else, it takes a degree of discipline. If you have been reading our newsletters, but haven't taken action, this is the subject you may want to start with. Before we talk tactics, let me introduce our Lucid Dreaming Recording. This recording can and will make the process easier and quicker. I recommend picking up a copy of it as you practice. here's the page to do so.



The Lucid Trick


To trigger a lucid dream, you need to realize you are dreaming as I stated before. The easiest way to realize you are in a dream is by noticing something is out of place or doesn't look right. Have You ever had a dream that you were in your home, but it didn't look like your home? Have you ever dreamed of a relative, but that person looked different in your dream? I bet the answer is YES!  When you dream, reality doesn't look the same as the physical world.  That's the baseline of the strategy to Lucid Dream on your demand.


How To Realize Your Dreaming


Simply Stated, Repeated Actions.  You already know that dreams alter the way things appear, so what you want to do is  look at something in a repeating fashion. Lets take an example of a clock. Everyday when you wake up, look at a digital clock. Notice theshape, notice the numbers, and notice the lights.  When you get in your car, look at the car's digital clock. notice the similarities between that clock and your bedroom clock. When you get to work, keep looking at the clock often. Close your eyes and picture different digital clocks. Get in the habit of picturing and looking at clocks often.


Keep repeating this clock obsession, and soon you will see a clock in your dreams. But when you see this clock in your dreams, it will not look like the standard clocks you trained your brain to focus on. It will be weird.. You will be looking at this clock confused, than all of the sudden, it will hit you... I AM DREAMING!!!

This works because most times dreams do not portray reality as is. You do not need to use the clock example, almost anything that you see daily will work. Some people constantly look at their hands, and during a dream they will look at their hands, and realize they are dreaming because their hands look weird. You can even go as far as pinching yourself often, and during your dream, you will pinch yourself and the feeling will be different. It doesn't matter what you choose to focus on, if you repeat the process multiple timesdaily, you will eventually dream you are doing it. That's when you will make a connection that your are not in a state of reality, and you must be dreaming.




Step 1, as described above, can be completed in a mere few days. There is not much brain practice involved, but it get a little harder from here. Once you realize you are dreaming, if you do not know what to do next, you will most likely lose control and slip back into a dream state. Our next letter is going to discuss how to progress from realizing your dreaming to starting to control your dreams. Remember, our Lucid Dreaming Recording is very powerful and will assist in keeping an attentive dreaming state. More information here

http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=HkvS_&m=1pfHIbB6X4i_mn&b=LtWkW1dQz2kOQnxrjuVhdg .


Talk to you in a few days with the follow-up on Lucid Dreaming


Jim McElwee


Universal religion alone can bind the world

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The world has seen many social systems which could not bind it together .The religions performed in different regions or countries by and large , even today unite the people. Be it Jews , Muslims ,Christians or Hindus. All of them even though do not perceive their faith truly as bestowed to them by their prophets yet this is common binder socially and culturally .Let us analyze, if religion can bind us globally

 Word of God

All religions preach oneness of God. This one God concept has been distorted by dilution of the original versions of the religious books. The VEDS perceived as the divine book of Hindus do preach one God and now all imminent scholars of Hinduism believe that multiple god are the creators of human and not God. As Vedas are the oldest religious books their distortion and inclusion of idol worship has been an intentional or unintended inclusion to drive worldly pleasures by few who misinterpreted the original manuscripts. The lectures of Dr Zakir Nayak do prove it by citing exact reference and many imminent Vedic scholars do recognize it and a new sec of Aryan semaj has been openly worshipers of one God and not the idols of many objects or persons.

 The change and realization of truth to recognize God as one may help to bind this community with the rest of the religions. Thus bringing a cohesive binding of a billion people with the rest 6 billion on earth .The Buddha has been the preacher of one God and thus its concepts are very close to the universal truth of one God concept. The Torah and bible original versions do even today signify one God who has not been born and is devoid of any paternal or maternal identy .He a power and highest energy which created this world and controls all acts on this universe.. Is Islam one which can bind world? Yes, the reason is all the religious books do recognize the coming of a prophet who is named as Mohamed and who shall bring the book from God. This book has protection from distortion by God and it came true .From last1400 years all attempts to dilute it have failed as it is remembered by heart by millions of people and thus its distortion is just not possible. The preaching reaffirms the faith of humanity. It promises equal rights to all humans without any discrimination of sex, color, regions or riches. It recognizes the worth of a human being and promised an banking, economic and social system which promises food, shelter and employment to al word subjects by equal distribution of wealth among the people without the huge interests.

 The Islamic banking is more progressive and its debt system is more human and progressive .The legal and crime punishment is holistic and property rights to women are some the feature which distinguish Islam as a modern binding force in this word. Unfortunately, the behavior of some misconceived worshipers of any religion should not be taken as the representative of their religion. The colonial rule is not the dictates of CHIRSTAINITY, but a few politicians who use their faith to exploit world resources. The divide and rule and separating religion from state make the whole governance as nepotism and we see more conflicts than peace. Let us have a common forum to study all religions and perceive one the most universal and common which can bind us together.

 This is time to bind global residents and evolve a new world order before we find this universe has many more communities on other planets that may be more powerful than us. Thus bringing cohesiveness and brotherhood is the need of the hour rather than dividing world in piece which brings a reversal of human development and devastation to both the powerful and the poor. We have seen examples of Vietnam, Afganistan ,Iraq, cuba and many more even in last decades. The colonial British rule ,Niaziasm, Khelafet and many more the USSR are the example of highhanded politics. Should we replace them with true values as dictated in God books we may reform this word and may have a competition less word of peace and brotherhood.


Dream Analysis -- The Color of Your Dreams

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 14, 2012 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Dream analysis is such a difficult subject to define. It is part science- relating to brain activity, hemispheres, brainwaves, REM etc and also part psychology- delving into the conscious and unconscious mind, thoughts, emotions. An artistic puzzle of symbolism and semiotics, and a spiritual journey where some may argue that the sub-conscious, or inner psychic, or even the spirit world give us insight into our lives and our future.

Dreaming is a gift that we are all blessed with almost each night, whether we are aware of it or not. Some people do not remember their dreams at all, where some go to the extremes of recording and analyzing each dream they have.

No matter what a person believes a dream to be simply an occurrence within the brain as we sleep, to a full-on spiritual adventure, we can all learn from our dreams. It is the time where our sub-conscious is allowed to come alive and subtly scream in black and white, vivid colour, and perhaps even another language all of the things it is trying to process for us from our waking experiences.

The art of dream analysis is much like the analysis skills one learns from an art degree at university. Each colour, each word, each place, each person, each picture all have a hidden and deeper meaning that needs to be analyzed, processed, compared and reflected upon before being complied to create meaning. A dream is simply a massive collection of signs, symbols and semiotics-a puzzle of thoughts and emotions that rise from our sub-conscious in our sleep and presents itself as an abstract and often complex and complicated little movie behind our closed eyes.

Dream analysis is not however an exact science. Two separate people may have very similar dreams, yet due to their circumstances, personalities, and thought processes, they may represent two very different things. To analyze dreams is also to analyze a person and their current situation. Though educated assumptions and generalizations may be made about the messages and symbols in a person's dream, a true understanding of another person's dream involves the gathering of many intimate and personal details about their lives.

There are some who believe that the time we spend in a dream state may be the time where our mind is a portal for messages from the spirit world, anything from deceased loved ones to guardian angels. There are also many people who experience psychic dreams, where they are told or shown future events or information about themselves or other people, which later they are amazed to find out how it comes to be real

Perhaps when we sleep we are open to the psychic abilities we may possess; the tiny voice in our heads or that ‘gut feeling' that we ignore throughout the noise and commotion of our busy days is finally allowed time during our sleep to give us the messages we either do not hear or see, or perhaps choose to ignore.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, dreaming is an experience that comes from deep within us and always means something more than the surface presents. Perhaps it is a mixture of all of the above mentioned things; a psychically spiritual psychological experience; and yet perhaps it is none of these things and something we do not yet fully understand or comprehend.

Like the dreams themselves, the analysis of a dream is very personal and depends on the individuals' beliefs, thought processes and past and present situations. On any level, and under any type of analysis, on any single dreamer and on any single and seemingly meaningless dream, there is some kind of message to be discovered. It is up to the individual with guidance from reputable and knowledgeable sources to determine what dreams and dreaming means to them.

However realistic, joyful, enlightening, scary, frightful, empowering, breathtakingly emotional dreams maybe, if you were to ask me, it's simply magical, filled with wonder, just like a nighttime's spiritual sky


Understanding Empathy -- Is It Your Calling?

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on January 14, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Possessing empathic, psychic or spiritual abilities is not glamorous though is fulfilling. The power of "empathy" can often be a draining and harrowing experience for those people who possess it if they are unaware of how to psychically protect themselves from negative energy which also is readily available in our modern busy lives

Empaths have the ability not only to sense the moods and feelings of others, but more often than not, they will feel them in unison, both physically and emotionally. Empaths not only find that they quite easily pick up and adapt to the emotions of others, but to add to the often draining nature of empathy, people, including total strangers, are drawn to the empathic souls and find themselves divulging all of their innermost feelings and confessing their deepest secrets.

Those who possess empathy may get to a point where they find it difficult to distinguish between their own emotional state and the feelings of others, and become mentally exhausted from simple experiences such as a trip to a mall or a business meeting where there are many mixed and often tense emotions. Empaths may find that after they recognized their ability, they will begin to avoid the situations that are ultimately unhealthy for them, such as hospitals, watching the news, funerals, mediation sessions, conferences, and other typically often sad or stressful places or situations because of the confronting strong negative energies surrounding the places and people.

But even if an empath were to avoid all human contact in order to deny themselves the effects of sensing the emotions or ailments of others, their heart would be with them still, an empath experiences empathy whilst watching television and movies (particularly horrific real life stories of tragedy or cruelty on the news, but will even be effected by soap opera and cry at television commercials), reading books and magazines, by websites (particularly things such as blogs and forums, where an empath may pick up energy simply from opening a page without even reading anything), and basically anything in life that has to do with living things. Empaths need to learn to recognize, embrace, control and enhance their spiritual calling in order to fulfill their expansions

You would agree that being a compassionate human is a wonderful experience. Empaths are quite often born with special talents for healing; somehow "just knowing" what is wrong with someone and what the best treatment would be. They also make wonderful teachers who have a unique ability to really "connect" with their students. And a lot of Empaths do not realize that their ability does not only include absorbing the emotions of others, but also the ability to change the moods and emotions of those around them. If empathic people can learn to break through the negative emotions surrounding them and put out strong, positive energy directed at those who are having negativity, they may find that they have the power to change negative situations and perhaps the moods of those around them just with a smile, a laugh or a few positive words and some beaming positive, spiritual energy.

Empaths really need to learn to psychically "shield" themselves from negative energy. There are some great meditation techniques for shielding oneself, as well as not even allowing bad energy in, and instead radiating positive vibrations out. They may also find that wearing crystals, amulets or talismans for protection against negative energy or sessions of reiki healing are beneficial. Those born with the high sense of empathy intuition will often struggle throughout life without knowing why they are somewhat different from their surroundings or how to change their situations. It takes a lot of hard work, devotion and determination to learn to shield, accept, help, let go or release and really embrace their empathy, instead of resisting or denying their true calling. No matter the path an empath takes, they will usually find themselves helping others in some way, as it is their calling and quite often their destiny.


Season's Greetings From the Chaplain

Posted by Chaplain Shane Simar on December 20, 2011 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Wishing each of you The Brightest

Holiday Season.

Season's Greetings,

May each of you always walk in the light

with peace in your heart.

May you, in hatever seasons the future brings, be filled


with Joy, Happiness, Love, and Peace.

May each of you take fruit


from the tree of life.  


May you shake the dust of the


unclean world off your feet.

May your future always be promising


and bright through the troubled


times in which we live.


Blessed Be!

Chaplain Shane E. Simar


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